LED Grow Lights for Every Scale of Plant Growing

Looking to start seedlings, grow leafy greens or houseplants indoors? That means it’s time to find the perfect grow light!

I’m Dr. Anna Droz; a biologist working in the field of wellness lighting and horticulture, and I’m a big believer in NorbBOTANIC grow lights. Growing plants indoors isn’t the same as growing outdoors – supplemental lighting is often required, especially during the winter months.

And, when it comes to houseplants, each plant has its own light requirements, with some preferring bright light, low light, or any light levels in between!

Learn more about houseplant light requirements.

Norb offers some excellent options to match any scale of growing!

  • For small scale: the NorbBOTANIC 9-Watt A19 bulb is ideal for starting seedlings, rooting cuttings, and growing leafy greens (and your favorite houseplant). Each A19 bulb can illuminate about 7 (3.5 in diameter) pots of seedlings, or approx. 1/2 of a 10 X 20 tray.
  • For moderate scale: the NorbBOTANIC 15-Watt BR30 bulb, for seedlings, cuttings and leafy greens—or, you can use it for your favorite houseplants, especially during the winter months. Each BR30 bulb can illuminate up to 19 pots worth of seedlings, cuttings or small plants.
  • For track lighting illumination and places where you want a sleek architectural grade appearance: the NorbBOTANIC 16W PAR38. Great for high light houseplants, decorative fixtures, and even indoor living walls!
  • For large scale growing: NorbBOTANIC 40-Watt UFO bulb. This product is quite powerful and can be used on a larger scale, even for commercial growing!
  • For low light plants: our newest grow light product, the 9W NorbTROPIC light bulb, specifically for low light tropical houseplants, and designed to mimic forest-canopy filtered light. It makes sense when you think about it—if a plant grows under trees in nature, it’s going to grow best with a light that mimics natural canopy filtered light!

Norb Lighting was founded by Hortech, a Michigan-based plant nursery business. Hortech grows all kinds of plants, and has a vested interest in optimizing plant growth. Over the years, Hortech has tested dozens of different light “spectra”—specific combinations of different wavelengths of light… and now, through its Norb Lighting division, these state-of-the-art products are available to everyone!

Check out our NorbBOTANIC YouTube playlist to learn more about these excellent lighting products and how they stack up to our competitors.

If you are growing plants indoors, I encourage you to give them a try. I think you’ll find them to be “light-changing”!

Learn more about Norb’s journey to developing grow lights.