June is for Migraine Awareness

For the month of June, Norb partnered with multiple amazing migraine advocates, educators, specialists and brands for their first ever Migraine Conference. In hopes to spread awareness and gain a better understanding of the effects migraine has on those who suffer from the diagnosis and to promote ways to better work, learn and live with migraine. 

Each event brought new interesting topics and products that you can add to your toolkit. All events were hosted on Instagram live, with new speakers on each event. 

If you missed the events, please watch them at the links below or at @norblighting on Instagram.

  1. Norb’s Migraine Awareness Conference Event #1, with guest speakers @headachehat1, @headachesnyc, @chronicallymeh! We spoke about migraine in the workplace, traveling with migraine, sleep and migraine and migraine products like Headache Hat and NorbRELIEF. Watch HERE.
  2. Migraine Conference #2, with guest speakers @dr.ranibanik and @shadesformigraine! We got the chance to speak on migraine topics like light sensitivity, migraine-aura, visual symptoms and the association of migraine disorders, and answered some great questions. Watch the Live HERE.
  3. Migraine Awareness Conference Event #3, with speakers @thevertigodoctor, @ruhewell and @headachesnyc! We got the chance to speak on the importance of movement with vertigo and neck pain, PT and neurologists, migraine tools, green light therapy and more! Watch NOW.

We had a great turn out of over 300+ viewers on all events, and answered many helpful migraine questions. Don’t miss out on these migraine tips, tricks and products, from doctors, brands and advocates alike! Each speaker also donated an amazing migraine prize for the ultimate migraine toolkit.

Check out some of the migraine toolkit recommendations below:


Calm migraine supplements by Dr. Rani

Headache Hat (ice pack for your head)

Consultation with Huma Sheikh, MD, Harvard-trained headache & stroke specialist

MigRelief NOW vitamins

Migrastil Roller & Nausea Relief Inhaler

Shades for Migraine

Vestibular Group Fit

Ruhe Wellness Products: Magic Mist Shower Steamers, Roller Rescue Oil Blend, Minty Mellow Balm, Reset & Refresh Room and Linen Spray

“I now rely on my Norb RELIEF light to help with my migraines, when I start feeling a headache turning into a migraine, or even to break my migraines. I usually sit under my Norb Relief light whenever I feel a migraine coming on.” – Natalie J.

Individual taking a selfie while illuminated by the 520nm light of NorbRELIEF