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NorbEVERYDAY-SUN is an entry-level, full spectrum LED bulb for the home or office. It has good color-rendering, a spectrum that mimics sunlight (without the UV), and is priced for every budget.

People respond to light, and amazingly, the typical person spends 93% of their time indoors. The trouble is – typical lights do not provide the light nutrition we need, and we can become slow, sluggish, even depressed (a condition some refer to as biological darkness). During the wintertime, we receive even less natural light, hence the common term winter blues.

NorbEVERYDAY-SUN can help, and it can help maintain your circadian rhythms for healthy sleep/wake patterns, particularly when paired with the NorbSLEEP bulb.

NorbEVERYDAY-SUN SOFT has a warmer hue, meaning it has less blue and more red in the spectrum than NorbEVERYDAY-SUN.

NorbSMILE A19 bulb and packaging.


$32.95 2-Pack

NorbSMILE A19 bulb and packaging.


$32.95 2-Pack

What makes NorbEVERYDAY-SUN the right choice for illuminating your day?

  • Light spectrum is similar to sunshine, without the damaging UV rays
  • Sun light spectrum promotes happy mood; helps with Winter Blues and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).
  • Combats fatigue from too much time indoors—the average person spends 93% of their time indoors in unnatural light spectrum.


Bright, 800+ Lumens

When not dimmed, this 9 watt LED is equal to a 60 watt incandescent bulb.

High quality, long lasting bulb

Expected to last 6 years at average of 8 hours per day run time, with a 2 year warranty.

Low cost to operate

Estimated annual cost is only $1.45 when run for 4 hours per day.


Dimmable, compact A19 style bulb fits nearly any fixture (2.25″ wide x 3.5″ long with standard base).

CRI 95+

Natural sunlight spectrum with near perfect color rendering (95+ out of 100), so objects look natural, not odd or color-distorted.


Color Temperature



Color Temperature


Diagram of where to use Norb Smile bulbs in the home.
Diagram of where to use Norb Smile bulbs in the home.

Our Happy Customers

“Norb’s quality continues to impress me. This light is bright enough to keep me working all day while being warm enough to that I can snuggle up and read a book in bed.” – Victoria P.

Full spectrum sunlight LED bulb being used in a bedside lamp

“These lightbulbs have done wonders for helping me wake up and stay awake while getting ready in the morning! They’re bright with just the right hue!” – Grace B.

NorbEVERYDAY SUN full spectrum led being used in a bedside lamp fixture

“They aren’t like any other light bulb. When I wake up in the morning I actually feel energized and waking up feels easier. The lights make it feel like actual sunlight is lighting up your room. I will definitely be buying again!” – Nanci D.

Full spectrum light bulb in an open fixture on an end table

“I have a hard time getting up and motivated when it is still dark outside. I put them in the ceiling light. Now I have sunlight inside.” – Tammy J.

Norb EVERYDAY SUN natural sunlight bulbs in a dining room ceiling lamp.

“These light bulbs are so versatile and inexpensive compared to other full spectrum lights. You can use these in any standard light bulb fixture and they are dimmable!” – Danny M.

Full spectrum sunlight bulbs in a ceiling fixture above a kitchen table

Frequently Asked Questions about NorbEVERYDAYSUN

Many people have become familiar with full-spectrum lighting through florescent tubes or Verilux style “full spectrum” products… which have been around for decades. These are products that have generally been represented as more “natural” or more like the sun. The promise was better mood and energy and less eyestrain.

In our opinion, these were better products than traditional fluorescent tubes or incandescent desk lamps as they attempted to round out the spectrum of light, with less saturation in the red part of the spectrum and perhaps more in the blue portion.

But… such “first generation” full spectrum lights were somewhat limited… if the goal was to mimic natural light. You can only get a florescent tube to do so much, and if you were to take a light meter reading from a first generation product and compare the spectrum to the sun’s spectrum, you’d see a marked difference. Today’s full spectrum lights, based on LED technology, can be “truly sunlike” (typically minus the U.V.) as it’s possible to tune the light however you want. So, if you want your full spectrum to be like midday sun (i.e. NorbSMILE) you can do that. Or, if you want it to mimic the setting sun, you can do that as well (NorbSLEEP). Within our website, you can see graphics that illustrate this.

The benefits of such lighting, Norb Lighting, are similar to what you might have hoped for with first generation full spectrum lighting—namely to attune the body to the sun’s spectrum and normalize daily hormonal fluctuations, reduce eye strain, reduce headaches, generally to feel healthier, more energetic and productive (when you should be) and more relaxed (during the evening hours). These type of lights provide more than illumination and rather than potentially disrupt natural rhythms help to support them.

Norb bulbs are only for use on 120 Volt, 60 Hz circuits.

Note: Does not substitute for vitamin D supplementation. Not intended as a treatment for disease or illness.

Norb Lighting, LLC is US BASED, BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU ACCREDITED and takes great pride in service and integrity.

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