Thrive RN shines a light on NorbRELIEF

Sonny the cat sitting on a pillow in a room illuminated by NorbRELIEF's green spectrum of light

Tara, founder of the mental health and chronic illness blog Thrive RN, recently published a post about the NorbRELIEF migraine light bulb. Tara writes:

Those who have used the Norb Relief green light therapy bulb, have reported positive results. Some folks say it reduces the frequency and severity of their migraine or headaches, while others say it helps to shorten the duration of their attacks. And the best part? It’s easy to use!

Tara highlights the benefits of green light therapy, as well as points out the fascinating medical research being done with green light. Even her cat Sonny is enjoying NorbRELIEF’s calming green glow!

You can get a discount on NorbRELIEF using Tara’s code at checkout. Read the entire post here, and make sure to follow Tara’s journey on Instagram!