Visual Support for Seniors: 4 Ways Norb Lighting Supports Aging Eyes

There are nearly 58 million adults over the age of 65+ in the US, accounting for about 17 percent of the population. By 2040, that percentage is projected to grow by 22 percent. In an aging society, where the population over 65 is steadily growing, maintaining health and well-being becomes paramount. Lighting, often overlooked, plays a crucial role in this pursuit. As we age, our eyes become less light receptive, more easily fatigued, and acuity often becomes reduced. Therefore, proper illumination becomes more important – especially for activities like reading, knitting, cooking, eating, taking a shower or simply navigating through our homes. Norb Lighting, which mimics natural sunlight, can help.

Norb Wellness Lighting offers a plethora of benefits tailored to support aging health and eyes, ranging from improved visibility and color rendering to reduced eye strain and circadian rhythm support. Let’s delve into the ways Norb Lights can enhance the visual comfort and overall well-being of seniors.

  1. Full-Spectrum, Sunlike Lighting: Aging eyes need 70 percent more light than those in their 30s because the lens of the eye thickens and hardens over time and the density of photoreceptors decreases. “Moreover, the pupil, the part of the eye that allows light to enter, reduces in size. This lessens the amount of light that enters the eye, resulting in the need for more brightness to see well” (Dr. Bhalani). Eye doctors suggest adjusting lighting around the home to be more compatible with aging eyes, which is where Norb steps in with innovative lighting products.

Lights in the Norb product line, like NorbSMILE, NorbEVERYDAY-SUN and NorbFOCUS, provide superior visibility and color-rendering compared to traditional light sources. With its full-spectrum, white light, Norb mimics natural daytime sunshine, which is particularly useful for aging eyes. This feature enhances contrast and makes it easier for seniors to distinguish objects and text, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and increasing overall safety in the home environment.

  1. Color Rendering: Norb Lights, like NorbSMILE, have a near-perfect color rendering index or CRI, which is an important aspect when lighting a senior’s home. Color rendering ensures that colors appear more vivid and true to life, instead of distorted. As we age, the lens of the eye will gradually yellow with age, making it difficult to see differences in colors like blue, green and violet. Norb Lighting products with high CRI, will be able to aid the visibility of actual colors of objects as compared to other light sources. NorbSMILE and NorbBEAUTY, for example, have a CRI of 96 (96 out of 100) meaning nearly perfect color rendering!
  2. Promotion of Circadian Rhythm: Another significant benefit to aging eyes is Norb Light’s ability to support the body’s natural circadian rhythm (also known as sleep-wake cycle). Seniors are often stuck indoors for longer periods of time than younger people, causing their internal sleep-wake rhythms to suffer. These cycles are governed by exposure to natural sunlight—and how its light spectrum changes from daytime to evening. Daytime sun stimulates wakefulness and evening sun stimulates relaxation and sleep. By using NorbSMILE during the day and NorbSLEEP during the evening hours, seniors can mimic the natural light of the sun, and therefore help with sleep-wake patterns. These particular Norb Lights are advantageous for seniors who may experience disruptions in their sleep-wake cycle, helping to improve overall sleep quality and cognitive function.
  3. Reduce Eye Strain with Even Lighting: Although older eyes need more light, direct or uneven light can lead to additional eye strain. Optometrists recommend that each room has an adequate number of light sources, use lamp shades for less glare, and use a dimmer when/where needed (Dr. Bhalani). Every Norb Light is dimmable and shade-compatible, further enhancing their adaptability to individual preferences. By minimizing glare and offering customizable brightness, Norb lighting creates a more comfortable and visually soothing environment for aging eyes.

In conclusion, Norb Wellness Lighting emerges as a game-changer in addressing the unique lighting needs of aging eyes. Its ability to enhance visibility through full-spectrum lighting, reduce eye strain, improve color rendering, and promote circadian rhythm makes it an ideal choice for seniors looking to maintain independence, safety, and overall well-being. By incorporating Norb Lights into residential and/or commercial spaces, individuals can illuminate their surroundings with comfort and clarity, helping them to age more gracefully and confidently. Make the switch to Norb® Wellness Lighting for better working, learning and living. Learn more at