NorbRELIEF Migraine Light Awarded U.S. Patent

Norb relief patented
  • Norb is excited about this recognition for its unique flicker-free green-light device to aid those who suffer migraine headaches (particularly when caused by light sensitivity). Green light therapy is also used to improve sleep and potentially alleviate certain types of pain.
  • NorbRELIEF light bulbs are available at

NorbRELIEF, the patented migraine and pain relief light, was developed as a drug free, individually-controlled, inexpensive addition to traditional pain management. NorbRELIEF features a unique flicker free frequency of visible pure green light which calms, rather than agitates the brain (specifically the thalamus of the brain which plays a role in migraines and in the perception of pain).

NorbRELIEF bulbs work in any standard light fixture and look like ordinary light bulbs. It is their specific green color spectrum and flicker free technology that make them unique.

NorbRELIEF and other Norb Wellness Lighting products were developed by Norb Lighting founder, biologist David Mackenzie, with the goal of improving human health—based on the evolving and rapidly expanding field of Wellness Lighting. Wellness Lighting stems from recent discoveries of the impact (both positive and negative) that light has upon human physiology, and new discoveries of the anatomy and physiology of the human eye.

“We developed Norb® Lighting products to make a positive impact on people’s lives,” said MacKenzie, “So many people suffer from pain, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Recent discoveries in lighting and neuroscience show that improper lighting plays a pivotal role in these common maladies. It has been said that ‘Edison gave us illumination, but we’ve been sick ever since’. There is some truth in this as our bodies are regulated by ‘sunlight’ – and artificial lighting, until recently, could not replicate sunlight. Norb lights are designed to mimic nature.”

On average, Americans spend 93 % of their time indoors in “biological darkness”, under lighting that is not like the sun. And, such “unnatural light” brings negative consequences to health and wellness. With modern lighting technology, this can change, and we can now use indoor light that mimics sunlight (without the UV). This can help to enhance our lives with increased energy and mental clarity during the day, more calm evenings, and better sleep during nighttime, and even pain reduction for migraine and neurological disorders.

According to The Journal of Headache and Pain, migraines impact 1 in 7 people worldwide. About 80% of people who get migraines suffer from light sensitivity or intolerance to light (photophobia). NorbRELIEF is a unique Migraine-Reducing Light with specialized flicker-free/green-spectrum. It is designed to reduce the occurrence of light-induced migraines, and to reduce the pain level of existing migraine headaches.

Pure green light has also been helpful in relieving pain from fibromyalgia and neuropathy, reducing anxiety and insomnia, and helping with pain-induced nausea. Pure green light is an inexpensive, individually controlled, non-invasive way to help alleviate such common illnesses.

 About Norb Lighting, LLC:

The emerging science of “Lighting for Wellness” became a passion of business owner and biologist, David MacKenzie, after development of a light for growing tropical plants. Later, as he began studying the impact of lighting on human health and performance, he had a vision for helping people to better wellness (energy, sleep, focus, pain reduction) with specialized lighting products.

In addition to NorbRELIEF, the Norb product line consists of NorbSMILE for mood and energy, NorbSLEEP for better sleep, NorbFOCUS for study and mental performance, and NorbSMART for circadian rhythm regulation. Norb also has products for bug reduction and plant growth. The name Norb stands for “nutri-orb”; as proper lighting can be regarded as a component of proper nutrition. The company’s mission is to educate consumers and provide lighting products for healthier working, learning, and living.

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Norb relief patented