Migraine Advocate Leader, Jaime Sanders, Reviews NorbRELIEF

Check out Jaime Sanders’ (aka @migrainediva on Instagram) review of the NorbRELIEF bulb. We couldn’t be happier to hear how much our migraine & pain relief LED light bulbs have helped ease her daily migraine struggles. Read her post below, and check out her website for more.

Why Green Light Therapy Helps Migraine

In a 2016 study, Dr. Rami Burstein and his colleagues found that people who have migraine are more sensitive to red, blue, and white light than green light. Participants in the study had smaller cortical and retinal responses to green light than those generated by blue, red, white, and amber lights.

Animal models of migraine were used to study thalamus neurons, which are responsible for transmitting information about light from the eye to the cortex. The neurons responded more to blue light and less to green light, helping to understand why the migraine brain responds to green light more favorably.

Pure green light has a narrow-band wavelength. Exposure to this narrow-band of light can help reduce the frequency and severity of migraine attacks and reduce photophobia.

How Does NorbRELIEF Work?

NorbRELIEF is a specific ‘Migraine Reducing Green Light’ Nutri-Orb with a unique patent-pending Flicker Free/Narrow-Green® spectrum designed to reduce the incidence of light-induced migraine and reduce the pain level of recurring migraine attacks. Pure green light has also helped with fibromyalgia and neuropathy pain.


There are many reasons to give green light therapy a try when looking for new ways to manage your migraine and light sensitivity.
  • Specialized patent-pending narrow-band green light source engineered to have No Flicker (flicker in light products can be a pain trigger)
  • Green light does not exacerbate migraine pain (and in some cases leads to pain reduction)
  • Inexpensive, individually controlled, drug-free and non-invasive
  • Can induce the body to make more of its own naturally occurring pain killers

How NorbRELIEF Helps Me

I spend an enormous amount of time on my laptop these days working on some very exciting and quite demanding projects. I’ll admit that my stress level has been much higher over the past two months, causing increased spikes in pain. Between the many Zoom meetings, conference calls, research, reading, typing, and emailing my brain and eyes are wiped out!

They need a desperate break from the onslaught of glaring light coming from my laptop screen and iPhone. My office is in my living room. The console table lifts up and doubles as a work station. My comfy reclining couch is my office chair. Next to me is my shaded lamp with the NorbRELIEF Migraine Reducing Green Light.

Every day I wake up at 9 a.m., get dressed (or not), make my coffee, and get to work. And each day I turn on my shaded lamp and use the green light to get me through the 4-6 hours I spend on my laptop. When getting ready for recording podcasts, webinars, or panel discussions I use the green light to help me get ready.

Any chance I can take to get away from using regular lighting I am taking. The relief alone in my eyes is enough for me. There is a constant ache behind my eyes, especially the left one where the migraine monster lives. Spending so much time in front of the computer definitely adds to the strain, fatigue, and pain I experience. Without this light, I would definitely be in a higher state of pain and discomfort.

The Benefits of NorbRELIEF

  • I am able to work more efficiently without high pain spikes.
  • I experience less eye strain and fatigue.
  • The pain behind my left eye is lessened.
  • I am able to concentrate and focus better.