Norb Video Archive

A collection of Norb Wellness Lighting’s video content, including informational videos, how-to videos, and Norb commercials.

NorbSMART Videos

NorbSMART – Features & Benefits

NorbSMART – Tuya App Setup

NorbSMILE Videos

NorbSMILE – Full-Spectrum SAD Light

NorbSMILE – Commercial

NorbSLEEP Videos

NorbSLEEP – Commercial

NorbRELIEF Videos

NorbRELIEF – How To Use

NorbRELIEF – Commercial

NorbFOCUS Videos

NorbFOCUS – Commercial


NorbSTRING – Drone Footage

NorbSTRING – Commercial

NorbSOLAR – Setup Instructions

NorbBOTANIC Videos

NorbBOTANIC for Plant Health & Growth

Growing Leafy Greens Indoors

Growing Houseplants with Supplemental Lighting

NorbBEAUTY Videos

Best Make-Up Light | LED Vanity Bulbs for Beauty

NorbBUG LITE Videos

LED Lights to Reduce Bugs Outside

NorbBUG LITE Commercial