NEW NorbCOZY: The Vintage Edison Bulbs

For comfort, relaxation & ambiance. It’s light changing!

Looking for a softer, warmer, candle-like light bulb for your home? Look no further than Norb’s newest light bulb: NorbCOZY. Cozy light bulbs are a vintage-style, Edison bulb that is used to enhance feelings of comfort, relaxation, and peace. It creates an ambiance that isn’t found from your typical light, but instead mimics the light that a candle would give off

People respond to light. In fact, our physiology is linked to light — sunlight and fire-light can positively affect how we feel. In the case of NorbCOZY, they can make us feel comfortable, safe and cozy, as does candlelight.

Unique Shapes & Sizes

NorbCOZY bulbs are available in a popular assortment of shapes and sizes, for use in upright or pendant applications, with your choice of clear or amber glass. The spiral filament gives each its own unique “flame”. This gives you freedom to be creative and to complement your spaces and décor.

NorbCOZY clear glass T30 bulb and box
NorbCOZY amber glass A19 bulb and box
NorbCOZY clear glass ST19 bulb and box
NorbCOZY clear glass B11 candle bulb and box
NorbCOZY amber glass B11 flame bulb and box
NorbCOZY amber glass G25 bulb and box
NorbCOZY clear glass G40 bulb and box

Here we have seven unique shapes and sizes, available in both clear and amber glass color. From left to right, we have our Test Tube (T30), Traditional (A19), Classic Edison (ST19), Candelabra (B11), Candelabra Flame (B11), Medium Globe (G25), Large Globe (G40/125).

Size Comparison

As you can see in these photos, the sizes vary from a standard, to a much larger size. Find the perfect fit for your light fixtures!

Where can you use Cozy?

Use NorbCOZY wherever you see fit! The “larger version” NorbCOZY bulbs are typically used in pendant or open-style fixtures, where the bulb’s size makes it a focal point. The “smaller version” is more often used on non-pendant fixtures or shadeless lamps. Cozy lights can be used in restaurants, cafes, lounges, your home, or kitchen- during mealtime, relaxation or evening hours. All lights are dimmable.

Norb’s goal is to improve your quality of life with lighting. The Norb family consists of wellness lighting that includes, Smile, Sleep, Cozy, Relief, Focus, Bug Lite, and Botanic (for plant growth). Norb continues to strive towards the design and production of healthier, more natural lighting products for better working, learning and living. Check out Norb’s entire collection on our website. It’s light changing!

A variety of vintage Edison style bulbs in pendant fixtures