Norb, LLC introduces the Norb® (Nutri-Orb) brand of LED light bulbs.

SPRING LAKE, Mich. – September 10, 2019 – The Norb line of Wellness Lighting for Better Living includes:

NorbSLEEP – The “Sleep Right” Light provides a soft, warm, white-color light produced in the wavelengths of natural evening light. Like sunset and twilight, NorbSLEEP prompts the body to produce melatonin, the natural hormone that signals it is time to relax, feel drowsy, and fall asleep.

It is a dimmable A19 LED bulb with 9 watts, similar to a 40W incandescent bulb, and it fits standard sockets. When used for illumination in fixtures such as bedside table lamps and bedroom overhead lights, NorbSLEEP helps people fall asleep naturally and get a restful night’s sleep.

The NorbSLEEP LED light bulb
The NorbSMILE LED light bulb

NorbSMILE – The “Feel Right” Light illuminates with a white-color light designed with the sun’s “happy” light spectrum that awakens and energizes. It is available as an A19 LED bulb with 11 watts and as a tube light with 18 LED watts.

In contrast to regular indoor lights which may cause drowsiness, lethargy or agitation, NorbSMILE supports a positive mood, alertness, energy and productivity. NorbSMILE is the right light for business offices, school and university classrooms and hallways, and the lobbies and meeting rooms of office buildings and hotels. In the home, it can be used in kitchens, living rooms, workout rooms and home offices.

NorbSLEEP and NorbSMILE are good for human health and good for the environment. Energy-efficient and long-lived, at average use of two hours per day, NorbSLEEP can last for 25 years with an estimated annual cost of operation of only 72 cents . At average use of eight hours per day, NorbSMILE can last 17 years with an estimated annual cost of operation of just $5.76. Both have a three-warranty.

NorbSLEEP and NorbSMILE are now available for purchase on Amazon. More enlightening information on Norb — wellness lighting for better working, learning and living — is available here on our website, and you can connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.

Human physiology is naturally synchronized with the sun’s daily changing light spectrum. Morning sun awakens, midday sun energizes, and evening sunlight relaxes and prepares people for sleep.

Today, Americans spend as much as 93 percent of our time inside under artificial light. Most of the indoor light to which we are exposed is optimized for energy-efficiency, but it can leave us feeling lethargic when we should be energized, distracted and agitated when we should be alert and focused, and keyed up when we should be calm and relaxed for sleep.

The Norb® (Nutri-Orb) brand of LED light bulbs provide biologically-tuned, human-centric lighting that replicates the sun’s natural spectrum — bright, rich light for daytime energy and alertness, and softer, warmer evening light to signal our bodies to relax, recover and sleep at nighttime. NorbSLEEP and NorbSMILE help people feel healthier, happier, and more productive.

“We developed Norb® (Nutri-Orb) lights to make a positive difference in people’s lives,” said Dave MacKenzie, president, Norb, LLC and inventor of NorbSLEEP and NorbSMILE. “So many people suffer with insomnia, anxiety, depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and attention deficit. While light is not a cure, the right bio-active light can alleviate symptoms, promote health and boost wellbeing.”